Musical Python

Today, sunday morning I wanted to listen to some soothing music, but the bad news was my internet connection was so poor that I could not even listen a song on YouTube without buffer. I really wished that I would have downloaded all the songs in my play-list before, from YouTube in mp3 format . So I thought of downloading the whole play-list today itself, but I did not want all the video files to get downloaded ( just wanted the mp3 version of all the videos) because that will burn my computer’s memory space. I also wanted to download the whole play-list in one go, so that i don’t have to select one song at a time.

So I thought of doing the same through python and wrote a very small code using the youtube-dl module of python. I wasย  happy after accomplishing a task through python that helps me. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can go through my code hereย and use it for your play-list too just by changing the URL part (copying your own play-list url).


6 thoughts on “Musical Python

  1. Hi there, I read your code and I was wondering if you would be able to include comments in the code. Comments and possibly a Read Me file would help someone like me, without Python skills, understand and run your code correctly. Thank you.


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