PyLadies Pune Workshop

This Weekend was an awesome one, I got the chance this Saturday to take a Workshop on “Python Basics 101” where I and one of my friend taught many girls Python Basics.

Before giving the session I was so tensed because First Anwesha (Organizer of Pyladies Pune) and Kushal (CPython Core Developer) were going to come as guests so that was a big support for us but because of certain health issues they were not able to come. So we were having the thought of postponing the workshop but Anwesha and Kushal gave us confidence to take the whole seminar by ourselves. That gave us a real responsibility to handle the whole session, and we were having the aim of teaching everything we know. We made the Presentation with all the content and examples the whole night and practiced once in front of our own friends a night before and then we were ready to rock the workshop.

The next day, we saw students really came to attend the workshop (we were expecting less students) So there came our responsibility to make the workshop worth. And hopefully we did that, Everyone was satisfied and we checked everyone’s coding skills by giving them questions in last 1 hour of the session and there was the aura of competition at the last( because we were having 2 chocolates by chance and we gave that who solved first). Many students came to ask more about PyLadies Pune and i was so happy to tell them as I can surely say that PyLadies totally turned me into a different person (good according to me). This opportunity taught me many things, Learn by Teaching and handle things. All Thanks to my very good step of joining PyLadies Pune Group.

You all can look at the Presentation and stuff i taught here and tell me changes so that i can learn and improve.




Musical Python

Today, sunday morning I wanted to listen to some soothing music, but the bad news was my internet connection was so poor that I could not even listen a song on YouTube without buffer. I really wished that I would have downloaded all the songs in my play-list before, from YouTube in mp3 format . So I thought of downloading the whole play-list today itself, but I did not want all the video files to get downloaded ( just wanted the mp3 version of all the videos) because that will burn my computer’s memory space. I also wanted to download the whole play-list in one go, so that i don’t have to select one song at a time.

So I thought of doing the same through python and wrote a very small code using the youtube-dl module of python. I was  happy after accomplishing a task through python that helps me. 🙂

You can go through my code here and use it for your play-list too just by changing the URL part (copying your own play-list url).